Network & Security Solutions

Critical information assets protection
Increasing threats, evolving network environments and new business requirements necessitates a fresh approach to security that will not compromise on either performance or cost. Our solutions address complex issues involved in diagnosing, assessing and implementing security solutions. Our solutions provide protection from network layer to the application layer in the areas of infrastructure security, content security and identity management.

  • Enterprise Routing & Switching
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Authentication & Credential Management:
  • Content Security
  • Edge Optimization

The efficiency of your routing and switching infrastructure becomes even more important with growing application demand. With our experience in designing, implementing and operating multi-vendor data communications networks for large, multi-site environments, Ardos possesses the people, processes and systems necessary to deliver world-class support for your routing and switching infrastructure.

We offer a single-source solution with support for a wide range of internetworking devices including routers, switches, Wi-Fi and modems from the leading network equipment manufacturers.

  • Multi-vendor, Multi-technology Expertise
  • Planning and Design Services
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Site Surveys
  • Equipment Staging and Configuration
  • Onsite Resources for Implementation and Break Fix Maintenance Support

ensures Perimeter protection, Secure Remote access, Gateway control over malicious code, Access control, to comply with organizational security policies using firewall, advanced methods of privacy & integrity (VPN) and sophisticated intrusion detection & prevention, UTM solutions that secure data from within the perimeter,.

  • Define Perimeter policies
  • Consolidate trust,DMZ, User defined un-trusted zones
  • Identify & allow known networks to communicate
  • Monitor Access to Enterprise resources
  • Block unneeded services
  • Ensure secure connectivity to branch office & customer networks
  • Stronger Authentication / Authorization

Ensures user credential controls, authentication, remote access, auditing & accounting, & single sign on enterprise network & applications

  • User registration
  • Privilege management
  • User password management
  • Review of use access rights
  • User authentication
  • Information access restriction
  • Event logging
  • Multi factor Authentication
  • Single Sign-on
  • Biometric
  • Access control to identified user communities
  • Authorization

Manages application layer- Spam and relay protection using an extensive array of anti-spam technologies, anti-virus solutions, preventing transmission of confidential data. Identity Management: Manages information about users, whoever they are, how they are authenticated, and what they can access. All this is done through foolproof passwords, stringent enforcement policies together with acquiring, integrating, testing and deploying independent security solution components.

  • Effective Anti-Virus for all the platforms you need
  • Effective Anti-malware for all the platforms you need
  • Easy application and device control
  • Malicious and inappropriate website filtering.

Allows for more & accelerated information flow across core network and endpoints, improves end user experience

  • QOS for applications based on content, access, security and performance needs
  • Edge Infrastructure to optimize applications performance
  • High Performance Gateway/Access Routing
  • Content Delivery / Redirection
  • Link Load balancing
  • FW Load balancing Bandwidth Optimization
  • Compression
  • Bandwidth Management and Priority Queuing